July Mood Board

With Two Peas In A Bucket closing down, gone are the mood boards that I loved looking at and taking inspiration from. Their closing was sudden, and it was already nearing the end of the month and I was counting the days for the next mood board reveal.  Relying on nothing more than my Pinterest obsession, I went looking to make a mood board of my own. This was pinning with a purpose – not something I usually do, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

The community at Two Peas was all looking for each other and for all the things they loved and had suddenly lost. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t the only one who was missing the mood boards. We’re still figuring out how we’re going to decide on each month’s mood board, who’ll put them together, and a few other details, but we have a mood board for this month and are excited about the possibilities.

I started a Pinterest account just for this (trust me, you don’t want to have to sort through the hoard that is my Pinterest account), and I’ll be posting my projects here (maybe somewhere else in the future too?), and everyone’s welcome to join in a participate.

Not sure what a mood board is? Wondering what the rules are? Too easy. In this case, a mood board is a collection of images that compliment each other. Those images can be of anything – they don’t have to be specific to scrapbooking, and actually usually don’t include scrapbooking images. The idea is to take inspiration from things around you and not from other scrapbooking layouts or products. You can draw inspiration from as many or as few elements as you like. You can use a colour, the colour scheme, textures, font styles, subject matter, quotes, or anything else that catches your eye. Everyone will put together a mood board differently, and everyone will take inspiration from it differently. See – it really is easy.

Please feel free to follow along on Pinterest where you’ll find mood boards and other scrap related boards, and check out this month’s mood board if you want to play along.

July 2014 Mood Board

July 2014 Mood Board

Please click here to see image sources.


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