Cheers! To Jot on their wonderful first year!

One of my favourite things online is Jot magazine. It is such a happy, uplifting, cheery, inspiring read. It’s super easy to navigate through, easy to read on my computer or my iPhone, and easy to check out the links they include. Did I mention it’s free? No…? Well, it is. That’s right – an amazing magazine, talented designers, cool products featured, stunning photography, and challenges – and all for free.

One of my favourite things about the magazine is that it was founded in Australia, and they feature designers and products from all over the world. At a time when there have been many changes in the American scrapbooking world, it’s encouraging to see how the passion and creativity within the worldwide community is going strong.

Living in Canada I don’t have the same access to products that my American friends do, but I am lucky to live close enough that once or twice a year a cross border scrapping shopping trip is possible. (There’s nothing like declaring hundreds of dollars in Thickers and enamel dots to border security.) When I don’t have a product or I’m stuck on a new way to use old products, I get many ideas from designers who also don’t have all of the newest and hottest products. I love the designers that keep me on the edge of what’s new, and I’m grateful for the ones that show me the possibilities of what I already have.

I’ve loved the last year of inspiration Jot had brought me. Happy birthday, and I can’t wait to see what this next year brings!


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