Wild Blue Yonder

This is a layout that I did a couple years ago. I used to keep track of my layouts on Two Peas in a Bucket, and it was posted there originally. I really liked the gallery there. Being able to see the progression my scrapbooking – of things I had learned, and different techniques I had tried. When Two Peas announced their closing, it was a mad scrabble for a lot of us to figure out how we would keep track of our projects. Even though we have the layouts in albums around our homes, it was always just so convenient to click through the galleries.

Wild Blue Yonder

Wild Blue Yonder

tlun 2014-07-throwback wildblueyonder 05This pattern paper (I believe it’s a Studio Calico print), jumped out at me right away. I love how the circular graph reminds me a bit of charts and maps, and how it relates to the circular nose of the airplane with the propeller blades radiating out from the center. Again with this layout, I pulled my colours from the photos. The print under the title reminds me of the way blades blur when they’re in motion, and I like the addition of green to the layout. Green softens the combination of blue and yellow, letting the bold blue and yellow of the plane stand out. This is an 8×8 layout and I’ve included five photos, so I decided to keep the embellishments simple and minimal. I kept the title simple as well – using rub-ons from Making Memories. I didn’t include any journalling in this layout, but it would be easy enough to tuck hidden journalling under the cluster of photos or a quick line or two in the upper left corner or under the title. It’s a very versatile, easy, and quick layout for including lots of photos – a layout I consider a staple.


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