Sharpie Pens

I’ve been using Sharpie Pens for a while now. I love how easy they are to find (meaning I can usually find them on sale somewhere), how long they last, and how well they write on photos and glossy surfaces. They call them “pens” but I would call them a marker – there’s no rollerball which in my mind is what makes a pen a pen. These have a nub? Felt bit? Not sure what it’s called but I’m sure you know what I mean :) Anyways, I found a set of twelve that has ten different colours ( you get two each of the black and the blue). I found them at Target for $12CAD, but you can easily find them at office supply stores.

Sharpie Pens

Sharpie Pens

They’re great for writing on photos, or those journalling cards that have a bit of a slick surface – I’m looking at you Crate Paper The Open Road. They dry quickly, and don’t have an odour. They also don’t bleed through so they’re great to use on cut apart type journalling cards if you’re planning on the reverse side showing on the other side of your pocket page. I used Recollections white card stock, and that bottom left photo is the back side – you can’t see where any of the writing is. They write smoothly, and the nib (again?), doesn’t fuzz up so your line stays crisp even after a lot of use.

For me, the black is a basic that I always have around. Finding them in colours was a happy find – sometimes black is just too dark, too high a contrast on a lighter page. I also think that having the additional colours will be useful for adding a simple lined border around elements. The price and quality means these are a great value – something I always love.


N.B. I have no connections to Sharpie or any retailer, and I bought these of my own free will :)



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