Product Review: Tim Holtz Distress Marker Spritzer


I had walked past this tool for months before I bought it. It always caught my eye, but I wasn’t convinced it would give me the look I wanted – a fine, delicate, even mist, from the markers I already had. I didn’t want to have to buy more markers – I have a bunch of Copics and I wanted something that would work with them. I finally Googled the tool, found this video of Tim Holtz showing how it could be used with any marker, and that was enough for me to give it a try.

When I got it home, I knew after the first spritz that it was perfect. It worked just how I wanted with my Copics, but also with any other marker I tried. It is easy to switch out markers – very quick, and no clean up required. You can control how intense the colour goes on by how close you hold the tool to the paper. Much like with mists, the closer you hold the tool to the paper, the more dense the ink goes on and the more you can see the direction of the spray. Hold the tool a bit farther from the paper and you have an even, fine application of ink without loosing any intensity of colour.

Tim Holtz Spritzer

Tim Holtz Spritzer

tlun 2014-09 producttimholtzspritzer 04You can overlay colours to create a very natural blend or gradation from one to the other – it is very easy to get soft blends from one colour to another. You don’t have to wait to add more colour the same way you do with mists. It is such a light spray of ink that goes on that the paper doesn’t warp, dries very quickly, and doesn’t bleed through. The paper I tried it on is a notebook weight grid paper by Studio Calico, and you can see that there is absolutely no warping or rippling, and there was no bleed through on the back of the paper.

I love being able to use my Copics in another way, and that I can mist things in any colour I want. It doesn’t take up much room and doesn’t need any sort of refills. It is inexpensive ($15USD at both and A Cherry On Top), and well made. If you like misting or want a new way to create backgrounds for stamped images, this is a great tool to have around.

If you’re interested in what the first layout I did using the Spritzer looks like, be sure to check back on Thursday for that post.


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