New for me: Peerless Watercolours

This Christmas was wonderful and I got a lot of new goodies. I’ve been slowly trying out each one, and the one that has me the most excited is the Peerless Bonus Pack. Forty beautiful and brilliant colours.

I have many different watercolour paints – liquids, pans, expensive artist quality, and inexpensive craft quality, and they’re all fun to use. The colours included in the Peerless Bonus Pack can’t be beat. They have an intensity and vibrancy to them that I haven’t seen with any of my other paints. The colours are modern, if that makes sense. These are not the soft, muted colours that might come to mind when you think of watercolours that were created over 100 years ago.

Peerless Watercolors

Peerless Watercolours

I ordered the set from Studio Calico (you can find it here), which is also where I got the Cube stamp set in the pictures (that’s here). I created my palette by cutting strips of Peerless watercolour and adhering it to a 6×8 sheet of watercolour paper, writing the colour name underneath the paint, and painting a small swatch to the right of the paint. I was able to fit all forty onto two pieces of 6×8 paper, and keep them tucked into a 6×8 page protector.

You can use a brush and cup of water, or use a water brush with these paints. The look is slightly different depending on which you choose, although there are ways to make brush and water strokes look like they were done with a water brush or vice versa. In general, for even colour a brush and a cup of water give the easiest results. If you’re looking for more variation – from concentrated to dilute, you can more easily accomplish that with a water brush. I’m working on a layout now using these watercolours, and I’ll show more about the differences in that post.

Relaxing and painting

I had to include a picture of the cat because she loves when I paint. She has absolutely no interest – ever, about water in a bowl. But as soon as I start cleaning my brushes in one, she wants to investigate and drink from it. She will sit nearby and wait patiently for any chance to sneak her nose into a cup of dirty paint water.


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