Product Love: Glitter Ritz

One of my favourite products are the Glitter Ritz micro fine glitters. I love how they add sparkle in a subtle way, and how well it stays in place. It’s such a fine glitter – much finer than other “fine” glitters. It really is a micro fine glitter. I use it with Scor-Tape, but I’ve seen others use different brands of tape. The other great thing is that once you put the glitter on the tape you can burnish it – just by rubbing your fingertip over it, and it creates a velvety texture.

Glitter Ritz

Glitter Ritz

Here you can see the jar of glitter on a layout where I used some of it on the tag reinforcement. (You can see the post about that layout here.)

Martha Stewart Fine Glitter (L) next to Glitter Ritz Micro Fine (R)

Martha Stewart Fine Glitter (L) next to Glitter Ritz Micro Fine (R), and a close up of Micro Fine Glitter in the jar

This is a side by side comparison. I wanted to show you just how fine their “micro fine” glitter is. The reinforcer on the left has Martha Stewart’s Fine Glitter in Smoky Quartz. It’s definitely a fine glitter, but it looks absolutely chunky next to a micro fine glitter. The micro fine is more like a powder, and it gives a smooth and even finish.

Just a few of their colours

Just a few of their 150 colours

These are just a few of the 150 colours available. You can see all the colours of Micro Fine glitter that they offer, as well as the Ultra Fine glitters they make, by clicking here. Click on the type of glitter you’re interested in, and a page with colour samples and step-by-step project ideas opens right up.

You can also check out a stunning card Jennifer McGuire made with Glitter Ritz, and she made a video showing all her wonderful tips and tricks. Love her for that!


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