Stamp Press / Positioner – in time for card making season…

I refuse to mention that people are planning christmas cards already… Just no… The cicadas are singing and I’m sleeping with warm breezes coming in the windows… So, no… Nope…

On to the post… I have been really sporadic on here lately… Partly because of life stuff, and partly because I’ve been trying to organize my space, computer, photos, and figure out how to film, edit, and upload videos… Almost organized… Almost have the film-edit-upload thing down… Almost… Still trying to figure out the lighting… Shadows and glare, oh my!

I did want to make a video showing how I use my WRMK Letterpress platform as a stamp press/positioner… It’s not pretty, but I show you the nitty gritty on how it works… And, I show you how to make a magnetic grid insert, different ruler options, and how it works with clear and rubber stamps…

Spoiler alert: it works AMAZING! It’s available a bunch of places, goes on sale, you can use coupons, and it also does that whole letterpress thing too! (You need a manual die cutter to do letterpress, but not to use it as a stamp press…)

I think I answer most questions in the video, but if you have some that I didn’t answer – just ask… Happy to help if I can…


YouTube WRMK Letterpress as Stamp Positioner



3 thoughts on “Stamp Press / Positioner – in time for card making season…

  1. Great tip and video! I’m yet to purchase the Letterpress yet and am eyeing up the Evolution Advanced too! Have you got that and tried it? Is it worth the spend? Keep up the great work, I know what you mean about life getting in the way, I started mine last year and have only really posted in the past few weeks! Full of good intention, never get around to it! :)

    • Thanks :) I’m hoping that next month and more of a routine again will make it easier to create and blog… My goal is to get back to once a week… It’s a good pace for me…

      I do have the Evolution Advanced, and I love it! It turns so smoothly and being able to change the pressure with the dial (rather than by adding plates), is great… It lets you make incremental adjustments and that really makes a difference when you use dies that cut and emboss at the same time… I also like how compact it is when you close it up… The handle fits inside one of the compartments in the base, so it tucks away on a shelf and fits in my tote for taking it to crops… I also like that the ‘plates’ are actually self healing mats… It feels like those would be more gentle on the dies than the solid plastic plates some other brands use… It was between the Cuttlebug and the Evolution for me (the Big Shot style ones took up too much space)… I’m not sure how much letterpress I’ll ever get into, but I’m glad I went for the Evolution…

      • That’s great that you have a routine, I just blog when I get a spare moment. But it does take extra time making sure that you have all the content you need to write a decent post. I’m still pretty new to the blogging thing so it’s trying to get the right balance of what people might enjoy reading vs what I want to say. I don’t want to come across as not being natural or ‘me’! I look forward to seeing more of your posts!
        Oh amazing, sounds really good. Can you use other dies with the machine what aren’t WRMK? If so, then it might be a good investment. I’ve watched numerous unboxing videos and even tutorials, and know that I’d quite like to have one in my craft arsenal, but it’s an investment piece so wanted to do my research. People always have their favourite brands, so got a lot of mixed reviews on YouTube when they compared to the Big Shot and Cuttlebug.
        Hehe, I’ve been meaning to ask someone from the US what ‘Crops’ are! Is it a gathering of scrapbookers/crafters who all meet up and create?
        Also, do you have any recommendations for papercraft brands? I know of Creative Memories and Close To My Heart so far, would be good to get to know what suppliers there are out there. You guys get all the good stuff though, I have to order it via Amazon. Here in the UK, scrapbooking is getting big but there’s few to no companies that do cool scrapbooking stuff!
        Sorry for the barrage of questions, thanks for taking the time to answer! :)

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