Hi! I’m Emily!

I was born and raised north of the 49th, an only child who grew up sitting at drafting tables and around campfires. Nature, travel, and design have been lifelong interests. Collecting too. I’ve been clipping and taping things into notebooks for as long as I can remember – I never kept a diary, I kept a scrapbook. It’s a creative outlet; a bit of leftover ‘cut and paste’ from kindergarten perhaps. It’s my way of escaping from the world, playing with colours and papers, and keeping track of life’s wonderful moments.

I’ve moved on from newsprint notebooks and clear tape, but the enjoyment is still the same. And with age (…experience? …maturity? haha), it’s become a wonderful way to enjoy photography in a new way. I love the process of taking photos, and scrapping is a way for me to interact with them – reliving the sights and sounds, and making them tactile and alive again.

My hope is that you see something new, find some inspiration, or have a few pleasant moments relaxing while you take a look around.

Welcome, and enjoy…



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